I grew up in Northwest Arkansas and have lived and worked all over the United States—my career has been a patch-work quilt.

An early fascination with the paranormal developed into an interest in metaphysics, which in turn, led to working with dreams and the use of mythological archetypes in my fiction and poetry.

My first novel, The Raven's Way, merged Native American mythology and the practice of shamanism to create a tale of transformation.  As Roe, the main character, travels through mythological worlds as well as his mundane world, the inner and outer structures of his life are destroyed, but from this change comes wisdom and a new way of being.

The novel Soultime tells the story of Amar—a reluctant "Seer" whose accidental journeys into the Otherworld result in boons that make the lives of his people ever more complicated and insecure.  Yet from the increasing chaos, civilization emerges.

I have a strong belief in the power of working with dreams.  I've written numerous articles on dreamwork, maintained the Dream Steps blog since 2005, and facilitated a "No Teacher, Just Students" dreamwork group.

The Myth Steps blog is an attempt to merge inner work with outer work (and to recognize that they are one in the same).  The subtitle of "Myth Steps" is: "Searching for the New Mythology while Crawling Blindfolded through the Labyrinth".

The title "Sky Rope Poetry (subterranean rappel)" refers to rising up as you dig down.  Nearly 350 of my poems with images can be found on the Sky Rope poetry blog.

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