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Consider this dream:

I'm a student in a classroom.  The assignment is to sit and breathe as little as possible.

To perform this task, I go into a meditation pose.  But I'm the only student who uses this technique.  So I'm a little worried that I might be doing the assignment incorrectly.

While still sitting, I travel through various locales.  I encounter no trouble in any of these places.  Eventually, I end up back in the classroom.  I have completed the test successfully, it seems.

A male student in the class receives an official document stating that he's been released from an Egyptian prison.

Though I had some clear ideas about what the test represented, I did not understand the symbolism of the locales I visited.  Yes, I understood what "prison" represented, but why was it an Egyptian prison?  I didn't have a clue.

Though another student had received this release, not me, I understood that any person, any thing, any place in a dream is part of myself.  So the male student was also me.

Despite my doubts, I had performed the task correctly.  I had earned my freedom.  I had resolved the problem of the dream.  Applying this information to my waking life, I could see that the situation I was in was a test and that if I followed my guidance (my teacher), I would eventually be released.

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