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Most dreams contain a problem--or problems.  But there are those occasional dreams without any problem at all.

Examine the dream closely before you make that judgement...

Consider this dream:

I've reached the top of a hill by the public library.  I look down to discover that the drop is much steeper than I expected.

But I also find that the hill is much higher than I thought.  It's a surprise--a thrill.  I see people far below, milling about as if at a street fair.

Though the hill had a steep drop, I was not clinging to the edge, about to slip, so I saw no problem there.

Perhaps I should have been down there with the other folks, among society, doing social things.  Perhaps.  But for anything gained, somethng else is given up.  So why browbeat myself?  I was on top of the hill, and it was a thrill.  I would say that the dream had no real problem.

It's important to note that, in previous dreams, I'd been climbing up this hill--sometimes crawling up the pavement.  So this dream showed me that I'd reached my goal.

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