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We are many animals
and today I am
the rainbow trout--

prone to leap
into the air
where I'm told
I donít belong

but when I see the sun spangling
on soft summer waters
a lightning impulse
propels me up
from my dark home--

to try to breathe what my lungs
can not yet process--
to taste a light so much richer
than the poor beams that filter
down from the surface.

When people see me
in that sudden moment
they exclaim: ďLook--a rainbow!Ē

Iím so glad theyíre glad:
I have little to offer now
but that glimpse of joy.

I believe these brief leaps
prepare me for the big transition--

when I land on the bank
of a new evolution--maybe to die
in the sand, but even so, to be seen
as more than I have been--

Iím waiting for my hook
to pull me up, to serve me up--
Iím pulling for my hook

because only in full light can I have air
and sing the storm song that strums me,
surrender to an aspiration that rachets me,
and in so doing, obey an in-born desire
to be a happy sacrifice.

But until that time arrives
Iíll strengthen myself
on the worms and the flies

like any good housekeeper.

© 2008 Michael R. Patton      go back

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