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Im gonna do what I gotta do to get the union back!
                          --  from the movie Hoffa


The kissing fish
arc out of the lake.
One coming from the north.
One coming from the south.

The two trout
meet in mid-air
and for one still moment
their mouths adhere.

And all the people whove gathered
round the bank
to witness
the twilight summer ceremony
see something that looks like magic
and may very well
be perfect--

because in that brief interval
a dream hope
becomes a union made real.

But once complete
the rainbow must fade--
the lovers break

with a collective sigh
from the crowd
as the empty bodies
flutter helplessly down...

and when they smack
flat on the water
in double ring of spray,
those vessels fracture
into a mass
of orange autumn leaves
rolling with the waves.

But like all that falls
the leaves decay, become
a scattering of feathery seeds.

And as the small fish
dimple the surface
to feed on the new remains,
again we recognize

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